VIA Any Generater at GreenKeys

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On June 1, 2024, GreenEchoes Studio released VIA Any Generater on Green Keys, its own media outlet dedicated to keyboards.

Development Background

Behind the development of the VIA Any Generator is the high hurdle of introducing macro pads and keyboards that allow keymap changes.

In many cases, keyboards that can change such keymaps are created based on ” QMK Firmware ” and the keymap can be changed using the ” VIA ” GUI.

While changing a single key is intuitive, I believe the advantage of such keyboards and macro pads is that they “allow the simultaneous pressing of two or three keys with a single button.

However, in order to implement such “simultaneous pressing,” it is very difficult to understand how to combine and generate codes by oneself, referring to QMK Keycodes, and then go to Special-Any and type in the codes.

After all, many people may have purchased a macro pad or keyboard for the purpose of improving work efficiency, but have become useless because they do not know how to set it up.

Aim of Creation

The VIA Any generator is intended to make it easy for anyone to set up combination keys without any knowledge of QMK.

Users simply select the combination of software shortcodes they wish to use, and transcribe the generated codes to VIA’s “Any” settings screen to accomplish their goals.

About Use

Use is of course free of charge.

We hope this will encourage more people to visit Green Keys and become interested in keyboards and macro pads.

Please refer to the description in the VIA Any Generator for usage instructions.