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We are a private business founded in 2019.

Due to the de facto dissolution of its predecessor, the music label GreenEchoes Studio, Kawamura, who had served as its representative, took over its name and started it as a website management business.

Business Activities and Philosophy

Our mission is to provide services that satisfy our users.

We satisfy your intellectual curiosity by aggregating and disseminating original information on the Internet.

Main Businesses

  • Support for setting up and managing owned media using WordPress, etc.
  • Supervision and fairness of line-related articles such as pocket WiFi, smartphones, cheap SIM services in general, and optical (fixed-line) lines
  • Writing circuit-based articles as a web writer
  • Disseminating keyboard information through our media ” GreenKeys “.
  • Review of gadgets such as keyboards and advice on product development from the user’s perspective

About GreenEchoes Studio

Sole proprietorship business nameGreenEchoes Studio
(Green Echoes Studio)
the Dun & Bradstreet
D-U-N-S® Number
EstablishmentJanuary 18, 2019
Location2-1-5 Jindoji Minami, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata 950-0986, Japan
Name of RepresentativeRyosuke Kawamura ( Profile )
Please contact us via e-mail or inquiry form.
mail (usu. in phrases like “e-mail”, “text message”, etc.)info@greenechoes-studio.com
contact information (for inquiries) (e.g. corporate phone number)Please click here.
Home Pagehttps://company.greenechoes-studio.com
Business Hoursirregular
BusinessWebsite management, etc.
Press ReleaseGreenEchoes Studio|PRTIMES

Business History

  • April 2012 – February 2018 GreenEchoes Studio was established as a music label for the music band tone and released three mini-albums.
  • January 2018 After label hiatus, founded GreenEchoes Studio as a website management business in Niigata City
  • September 2018 – “Kawamoura’s Cheap SIM Switching Guide Center” begins operations.
  • January 2019 Registered as a sole proprietorship
  • March 2019 “Kawamura’s Cheap SIM Switching Guide Center” renamed to “Denpa Choice Navi”.
  • March 2020 Name changed from “Denpa Choice Navi” to “GreenWaves
  • Oct. 2020 Release of ” Mobile WiFi Custom Search ” function
  • December 2020 URL changed from waves.greenechoes-studio.com to greenwaves.jp
  • February 2021 Release of ” Smartphone Switching Consultation Center Online ” and ” Smartphone Switching Fee Simulator
  • March 2021 “Smartphone Switching Consultation Center” and “Smartphone Switching Simulator” appear in the media ” Saizowoman” / ” BCN+ “.
  • April 2021 Published in the media ” Manek Guide (Seiby Co., Ltd.)
  • July 2021 Appointed as general site director/writing supervisor for AiR-WiFi Magazine (operated by FREEDiVE, Inc.)
  • September 2021 Supervised articles for Professional Gems (managed by NEXER Co., Ltd.)
  • October 2021 Appointed as Writing Supervisor/Site Director for WiFi Pman (operated by Niche Company, Inc.)
  • November 2021: Representative Kawamura appointed as Lenovo Ambassador
  • November 2021 Supervision at Iroha Net (operated by Space Agent Inc.)
  • Feb. 2022 Supervised articles for the entire Net professional (GMO Internet Group Inc.) website.
  • February 2022 Awarded Lenovo Ambassador MVP
  • Feb. 2022: Representative Kawamura appointed as NURO Mobile Ambassador.
  • April 2022 Appointed as Writing Supervisor/Site Director for MasterNet (operated by Niche Company, Inc.)
  • April 2022 Writing Supervisor at UQ WiMAX (UQ Communications Inc.)
  • September 2022 Launch of ” GreenKeys,” a media specializing in keyboards
  • December 2022 Pickey’s (rentry, Inc.) ” ahamo ” review article supervised by
  • March 2023 Supervised by Professional Gems (NEXER Co., Ltd.)
  • April 2023 Supervisor for Pickey’s (rentry, Inc.) ” OCN Mobile ONE ” and ” NURO Mobile ” review articles.
  • September 2023 povo library|”Education costs can be saved! How to Review Communication Costs for Tablet Learning” Supervisor for the article ” How to Review Communication Costs for Tablet Learning “.
  • January 2024|An interview with the supervisor ( 10 questions about fiber optic lines/10 questions about pocket WiFi/10questions about cheap SIMs ) will be published in MOBA LIFE (Smart Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.).
  • February 2024 End of alliance with Niche Company, Inc. through media management
  • March 2024 Participated in the first Keyboard Market Tokyo as media press
  • March 2024 Start of performance-based advertising agreement with Cerakey
  • March 2024 Start of performance-based compensation agreement with Keyreative
  • March 2024 Sequence pattern for Ortholinear Kit for KAT Operator to be released by Keyreative.
  • April 2024 Lofree handles press release in Japan for Egde, which began crowdfunding on April 25 (PRTIMES)
  • May 2024 Review handsets for DoRACOON, a mobile communication service using cloud SIM technology provided by NTT Media Supply (YT40/YT65)
  • May 2024 Participated in the keyboard meetup event ” Tenkey Vol. 6″ as media press
  • May 2024 Started business alliance with ” KIBU Corporation “, a sales agent of Wobkey/DOIO, etc., through performance-based advertising.
  • May 2024 Received an order to contribute to ” HHKB Life ” by PFU Media Inc. as a subcontractor.

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