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Greetings from the President

I am Ryosuke Kawamura, President of Green Echoes Studio.

Green Echoes Studio mainly provides comparative information on circuit systems based on the concept of “on-demand media management that satisfies users.

As time has progressed, Internet access has now become as valuable as lifelines such as electricity, gas, and water, and has transitioned into something indispensable.

In particular, we believe that smartphones are becoming more and more convenient as we enter an era in which each person owns one.

On the other hand, very few people have proper knowledge about “communication lines that have been promoted to lifelines,” and it seems that more and more people are “losing money on communication costs” as more and more people become so-called “information poor.

Green Echoes Studio will continue its activities to make your life a little better by disseminating contents that will help you acquire correct knowledge through “GreenWaves”.

About Our Business

  • WEB site management
  • Proposal for introduction of IT equipment for business establishments
  • Introduction of WIFI routers for corporate organizations corporations

The above contents are monetized and operated.

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GreenEchoes Studio’s Website Management Philosophy|Editorial Standards, Editorial Policy and Fact Checking

GreenEchoesStudio is developing its business based on the concept of “creating a website that satisfies users.

The concept of the GreenWaves website is to provide content based on comparative information about telecommunications services so that viewers can choose the service that best fits their needs.

We strive to create content from a neutral standpoint, with no discovery to a specific service.

Regarding editing, we will write and edit articles based solely on the issue of “what advantages and disadvantages exist for users” without demeaning any particular service, even if it is a third-party service.

For fact-checking, we will certify that the information is true by clearly indicating the official site or source of the information.

In addition, we will write from an objective standpoint to avoid any misunderstanding by the user, with regard to information that is not true and accurate, and will only provide information.

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