We have submitted a press release regarding “Smartphone Transfer Fee Simulator”.

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On February 24, 2021, we submitted a press release to “PRTIMES” regarding the ” smartphone transfer fee simulator ” that we began offering on our ” GreenWaves ” website.


The Cell Phone Switching Fee Simulator allows you to calculate the cost of switching at once by selecting the “Tsu new carrier you are currently subscribed to” and the “carrier you are considering switching to”.

The cost estimate for the transfer will be the following items

Termination fee for cancellation of contract
MNP transfer fee
Terminal charges
Contract administration fee (MNP transfer fee) at the transfer destination

Combination Patterns of Mobile Telecommunications Business Transfers Explanation of the Cell Phone Transfer Fee Simulator Early Payment of Penalties for Mobile Telecommunications Business

While many inexpensive rate plans have been released in recent years, the fees associated with switching have become more complicated due to the combination of the new company and the current contract source, and this can be clarified.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible save money on their telecommunications costs by means of a smartphone switching fee simulator.

By using this system in conjunction with the already released ” Smartphone Switching Consultation Center Online,” we are building a system to support the switching of smartphones.

We want to help as many people as possible save on their communication costs.