Notice of Relocation of Green Keys Website URL

Another Langage: 日本語

We are pleased to announce that on April 6, 2023, the site URL for our company-operated website dedicated to keyboard information, “Green Keys,” was moved as follows.

Old URL:

New URL:

Background of the URL change

The reason for the change in the site address was that the “.jp” domain was disadvantageous for higher rankings in overseas search engines when operating a multilingual site.

jp” is a ccTLD and is perceived as a Japanese site, which puts multilingual sites like Green Keys at a disadvantage in overseas SEO because they are developed in English and Chinese.

In response, we acquired the country-independent global top-level domain (gTLD) “.info” and implemented a domain transfer.

Also, the reason why we did not start with a gTLD from the beginning was to operate in a subdirectory of our own managed site with high domain power for a certain period of time, and to transfer domain power to new domains.

Although the content has become more specialized, there is no impact on the users.

We hope you understand.

Rep: KAWAMURA Ryosuke