Contribution to HHKB Life “Pointing Stick or Trackball? Contribution to “HHKB Life,” an introduction to the usage scenarios|PFU Media, Inc.

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Image reference: HHKB Life

On July 11, 2024, GreenEchoes Studio President Kawamura contributed to the article ” Pointing Stick or Trackball? An Introduction to Usage Scenes ” was published in the media “HHKB Life” operated by PFU Corporation.

The content focuses on the pointing device and trackball mouse in the HHKB Studio all-in-one device released in October 2023, detailing their features, differences, and recommended uses.

The HHKB is the keyboard that sparked our CEO Kawamura’s interest in mechanical keyboards, so it is very emotional for us to contribute to the manufacturer’s media.

We hope you will take a look.