Interview about “Cloud Wi-Fi” operated by Niche Company, Inc.

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On April 14, 2021, Green Echoes Studio published an interview with Niche Company, Inc. which operates a rental mobile WiFi router business on its operating website, GreenWaves.

We interviewed Mr. Takuma Yanagisawa, Cloud Wi-Fi Operation Manager, and asked him about his thoughts on the service and how to prevent communication risks using the Cloud SIM mechanism.

This business has conducted research on mobile WiFi routers using the cloud SIM mechanism, and has created content with the aim of alleviating concerns about cloud SIMs, which have been growing since the G Corp. communication failure in March 2021.

Cloud SIMs are operated in different ways by different companies, which may increase the risk of communication failures depending on how they are operated.

Through this interview, we learned that “Cloud Wi-Fi” is a reliable service because of its clarified approach to communication failures.

We will continue to educate the public on the operation of secure cloud SIMs through interviews with the companies.


About Niche Company, Inc.

Company NameNiche Company, Inc.
address (e.g. of house)〒160-0023
7-18-19 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Satake Bldg. 2F, Shinjuku Tax Accountant Bldg. 2nd Annex
representativeRepresentative Director Atsushi Maesawa
EstablishmentApril 2013
Phone number050-8882-6655
FAX number03-5937-6861
Service Site
BusinessSales and rental of telecommunications equipment and lines
Cloud PBX
Call Center Services
Advertising agency
Telecommunications Carrier Notification NumberA-25-13081