Formed a business alliance with Niche Company, Ltd. and started collaboration in site management of “WiFiPman” media.

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GreenEchoes Studio has formed a business alliance with Niche Company, Inc. and has begun collaborating on the management of the “WiFiPman” owned media site.


Niche Company, Inc. started in 2013 as “WiFi Tokyo Rental Shop” and is now a business that provides communication equipment and line rental services, focusing on “Cloud WiFi”.

In particular, Cloud WiFi offers the advantage that sets it apart from other companies in that it offers inexpensive usage fees for overseas travel and only charges communication fees for the “number of days turned on and used,” so it is expected to develop its services with an eye toward the convergence of the Corona Disaster.

We have agreed to cooperate in site management by providing the line system knowledge cultivated through our “GreenWaves” operation, and have entered into a business alliance.

We will strive to create neutral and impartial media, and create site content that puts the user first.

Representative of GreenEchoes Studio|Ryosuke Kawamura