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Another Langage: 日本語

About Ryosuke Kawamura

Name: Ryosuke Kaw amura

Position: Representative of GreenEchoes Studio

Date of birth: June 10, 1987 (age 36)

Height: 169cm

Twitter: @hottyhottea

LinkedIn: Ryosuke Kawamura


Corporate website:

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I represent Green Echoes Studio, a website management business, and provide services around websites, including supervision, writing, fairness, site design, and management support for communication-related articles.

He also became a keyboard collector because he collects keyboards as work tools.

After graduating from college in 2012, he worked for a company before starting his own business and launching Green Echoes Studio.

After being forced to pay a large penalty fee for a pocket WiFi contract, I wanted to somehow disseminate information to prevent others from going through the same situation as I did, which is how I started my current business.

Although we have no practical experience in line systems, we are making use of our experience in exchanging information with numerous companies, verifying services, and operating our own line system website to ensure that correct information reaches as many people as possible.

The site also provides information on keyboards and computer peripherals.

List of Authored Articles

Areas of expertise

  • Mobile Wi-Fi Router (Pocket WiFi /WiMAX /Cloud SIM) General Service Comparison
  • Comparison of Fixed Line Services
  • Compare Home Router Services
  • Comparison of smartphone price plans of MNO and MVNO companies
  • Knowledge of bandwidth used and other telecommunications-related issues
  • Information on International Keyboards
  • Keyboard Review
  • Create your own keyboard
  • Reviews on gadgets in general
  • Web Writing
  • Editorial supervision
  • article fairness
  • General site management


  • Boots ( Danner Lite )/Sneakers (Reebok Pump Fury) Collector
  • Gadgets (smartphones/smartwatches/computers)
  • wristwatch
  • keyboard
  • home-built keyboard
  • Music in general (I like RedHotChiliPeppers/the band apart)
  • Electric Bass/Electric Guitar

Supervision and Writing Media